Cops for Cancer

Vancouver Island Region Porsche Club of America


…and Porsche owners…

The Vancouver Island Region welcomes you.

We are a very active Porsche Club on Vancouver Island with nearly 200 members from Victoria and the Gulf Islands to the northern part of Vancouver Island, and offer something for everyone. We enjoy breakfast tours, we offer technical support to each other, lots of opportunities to socialize, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The club sponsors an annual getaway, this year to Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, driver training classes, and several members are very active in Autocross.  In short, we celebrate life with a Porsche!!!

Welcome to our new website!  Registration is not required to browse the site; it is only required if you wish to comment on a news blog or if you want to post on the forums!


This year our charity is Tour de Rock Cops for Cancer

Tour De Rock