VIRPCA Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors

President – John McGurran

I have been a member of the Vancouver Island Region of PCA for three years.  I joined the executive as secretary in 2015 and served as Membership Director in 2017.
I am honoured to serve the club as its president.  My main goal is to help improve our members’ experience of their cars and of the club through our touring, social and competitive events.
By the way, I have the perfect car: a 2001 996 C4 which, with summer and winter wheel sets, serves as my daily driver. In addition to its awe-inspiring driving characteristics the 996 C4 is large enough to hold a double bass. Bet you did not know that!




Vice President – James Renfrew


Bought my first Porsche in my early twenties and haven’t looked back to another mark since.  Almost 20 years and three kids later, I still have my first Porsche.  A 1978 928 that’s grown with me too.  I’ve restored the car and upgraded it with some late model improvements too.  The 928 had been a little heavy around the autocross courses though.  So I’ve added a 914 to my garage as my latest project.  It has an upgraded 2.2 liter 914 motor now but waiting in the wings is it’s new power plant, a 1995 Carrera 4 motor.  As you can tell, I do like my vintage Porsches. The new ones are “OK” too of course.  Hope to see you out there!




Secretary – Michael Holan

I have admired the 928 ever since it came out, but unlike James, I never did buy one. Eventually though, in image11999, my wife Krystyna and I bought a matching pair of red S model Porsches … bikes that is. Great handling, wind in our hair and lots of fun. Dead reliable as well!!! Then we added a 2003 Boxster, which has now been with us for 12 years. Great handling, wind in our hair and also lots of fun.
After recently retiring we moved to the Victoria area and joined the Porsche club in May. We are thoroughly enjoying the experience. As the club’s new secretary, I look forward to helping make the upcoming year another ‘Porsche filled extravaganza’. 




Treasurer – Tim Evans

I have beentim-082361-1 a member of the Porsche Club since 2014, when I purchased my first Porsche, a 1986 Carrera. The Carrera is now gone but it was replaced with a guards red 1986 944 Turbo, which comes with a great story I’ll save for another time.

I was born and raised in Victoria and after attending Camosun College I worked in the banking industry in Vancouver for 11 years before returning to Victoria to take up a job in finance at BC Ferries. After a 28-year career there, I retired at the end of 2013. I have owned a few sports cars in my time, but after retirement I decided it was time to get a Porsche. Knowing a few Porsche owners who were part of the Porsche club, it sounded like a great group, and with a Porsche in the garage, we (my wife, Marilyn, is an associate member) paid our membership and joined PCA.

Since joining, we have enjoyed many driving events and get-togethers, including attending Black Rock in 2015 and Whistler Weekend this past August. That’s what makes the Porsche Club such a great group, friendly people and good times!

I’m looking forward to being a part of the executive for 2017 and hope to meet a lot of you at upcoming events.


Webmaster – Dave Nickel

I started off my career in the 70’s at BCIT becoming an Electronics Technologist. Worked my way through several companies in Vancouver and became a Programmer Analyst. My wife and I decided to have/raise our children in a smaller town so we quit our jobs and moved to Campbell River in 1989. We bought a jewellery store and ran that for 12 years where I became a Goldsmith. I currently work for Telus as a Network Tech bringing the joys IP to everyone. Cars were late in life, I bought the last new TR7 in Vancouver and sold it 10 months later due to rust, grinding gears and Luca Prince of Darkness. In 2007 I bought a friend’s 944 and got the bug with my son Derek’s help; he forced me to join this little club I had never heard of 😉

Soon followed by the 944S2, the 968 that we tastefully modded and supercharged! I now have a 911 cab that I with I bought when they were ½ price….



Newsletter Director – Steve Fairbrother

DD3BECA8-C3AC-44D1-AB5D-6764EAE90740In July 20
15 I retired with my wife to Lake Cowichan from Victoria after 38 years in the IT industry in UK and Canada.
I have volunteered for a number of years in roles of Treasurer, Editor, Webmaster and Secretary in organizations such as:- Victoria Macintosh & iOS Users Group, Victoria Horticultural Society and our children’s school PAC.
I have always loved cars and enjoy most  motor sports and held a British Racing license a long time ago!  I bought my first Porsche in 2008, a Cayenne S. However, I am looking forward to receiving a new Macan S for Christmas 2015.
I look forward to being your Newsletter Director, please keep me up to date with your own Porsche related information so we can spread the word about these great cars, both old and new!


Membership Director – Garth Webber Atkins

I have long admired Porsche 944’s.  I thought the styling very elegant, and a hatchback is so practical.  Plus, well…. it’s a Porsche!  I didn’t really think I’d ever own one, but time works wonders on used car prices, so in 2013,  after looking for several years,  I found the vehicular equivalent of a scruffy dog at the pound, begging me to take it home (1986 944 Turbo, Kalahari Beige) .  We have been having fun together ever since, participating in club drives and socials, and getting to know other Porsche owners and cars (It’s so cute when they play together).

I live in Victoria, and am recently semi-retired from my career as a natural resource manager. My husband is also a fan of classic cars, and spirited driving, and we enjoy sharing this hobby. He is happy to attend VIRPCA events with me, when they don’t conflict with his own club’s activities.

I look forward to meeting more VIRPCA members, and to hearing from folks who are interested in joining the club.


Competition Director – Vacant



Chair, Competition and Driver Education – Tyson Johnson

A Victoria native, I’ve been an automotive enthusiast as long as I can remember. The more reading I did, the more evident it became; Porsche was the brand I aspired to have. A few years ago, I was able to find and purchase a gorgeous 1987 Carrera Coupe. To me, it’s got the right recipe; ‘modern’ systems, but with an old soul. It’s a tricky car to drive quickly. Yet, incredibly rewarding when you get it right. It’s not for sale.

Working with Porsche for the last 8 years, I’ve been fortunate to drive a number of the world’s great racetracks, including the feared Nurburgring. I’ve also been fortunate to have some spectacular driving coaches along the way. I hope to use my knowledge to develop the driving skills of our club members. Whether you’re looking to trim half a second off your Autocross time or simply looking to have a safer, more relaxed road-trip, I’m here to help.


Mid-Island Director – Dean Aikenhead

Born Cowichan valley
Age: 53
Married 26 years to Ann
Passions: great food, wine, cooking, cars, making or building stuff
Education: Certified Chef de Cuisine
Started driving when I was 3 driving the hay truck on the farm.
Started racing my mothers landcruiser 4×4 when I was 13 Got my 1st Porsche for my 50th a 1989 911 cabriolet. I now drive a 2009 Cayman S.


North Island Director – Paul Atterton

Bio coming shortly








South Island DirectorDidier Moinier


I was born and grew up in Casablanca, Morocco. Cars have been my passion since childhood. From my late teen to mid twenties I owned sport cars and ran races of tourism series cars.

In 1975 I immigrated to Canada after spending 6 years in the French Army where I became a helicopter pilot. As a professional helicopter pilot, holding an Airline Transport Pilot License, I had the opportunity to fly all over Canada including the Territories, Arctic and East Coast offshore as well on contracts overseas. Later I focused on Business Development for Vancouver Island Helicopters which took me to 81 countries around the world. I still travel looking for business opportunities for our helicopter services.

I have been married to Maxine for almost 40 years, we have a daughter Storm who is married to Sam and the light of all our lives is our grandson Leon who will be 3 next April.

Following my passion for safety and excellent mechanic that I experienced while flying the 15 different types of helicopter that I am endorsed on. In January 2011, I got my first Porsche, a beautiful 1997 Carrera 993 Cabriolet, and Arctic Silver. At the same time I joined the PCA and discovered then a fantastic group of Porsche owners/enthusiasts in the VIRPCA.


Past President  – Martin Mansfield

I joined PCA in 2010 with a broken down 944. I was welcomed with open arms, over the years I have attended some amazing events and met a lot of new friends. I purchased my second Porsche in May 2013, a low kilometre Boxster S. I have served on the executive for awhile now first as the  Mid-Island Director, Vice President and now President. I have also served on the Black Rock
committee. I look forward to meeting all of you at our future events!