Zone 6


No matter where you call home, there is PCA Region near you. Arranged into 13 Zones, there are 141 local Regions across the United States and Canada.

The Vancouver Island Region is one of sixteen regions that make up Zone 6 and is the largest zone (by land area) of the PCA!  More information about Zone 6 can be found on the Zone 6 website.


Zone 6 Representative: Tim Hagner



I saw my first Porsche in 1960 and was smitten. Then in 1973 my new bride, Sue, and I purchased our first Porsche, a 1962 356B coup. We started auto-Xing and rallying with the 356 and met fellow Porsche owners and PCA members. Joining PCA was soon to follow. Sue and I joined the Loma Prieta Region and this was the start of our long and enjoyable association with the family we call PCA.

Working for a large Aerospace company required us to do some relocation. In Southern California we were active in the Cal-Inland Region and I served 2 years as President and various other positions. Than after another transfer we joined the Peach State Region. In retirement, we now reside in Bend, Oregon and are active members of the High Desert Region, I having just completed my 3rd term as President and Sue as Goodie Store chairperson.

We have two sons and 5 grandchildren. One of the sons still complains about being “forced” to sit in the back seat of a 911. He had grown too big to sit on Mom’s lap in the 914 so we bought the “family” size Porsche, a 911. It made perfect sense to me! He is now in the market for a 911 of his own. Currently we drive a Silver 1987 911 Turbo.

Through all the different Porsches, autocrosses, rallies, concours, DEs or Parades that Sue and I have been part of over the years, we still find it’s the people that makes PCA great! We look forward to meeting everyone throughout Zone 6 and expanding our PCA family.