Courtenay Canada Day Parade 2015

The Vancouver Island Region participated in the Courtenay Canada Day Parade with a great assortment of shiny Porsches, one of them sporting the 60th Anniversary banner.  We were pleased to welcome Brenda & Dave who had been members since 2012 and never attended an event, as well as Edith who wants to become a member and arrived in a sparkling white 2014 Cayman. In addition, Alan, Mike & Corry, Martin & Wanda and Gary & Wendy who have been in the Parade in past years. While we were waiting for the Parade to start, everyone took part in a Porsche Quiz that was provided by Paul Rossmo, (General Manager, Porsche Centre Victoria) as well as one question added by Wendy, who is a Robert Redford fan (“What year, model and colour Porsche did Robert Redford drive in the 1968 movie ”Downhill Racer”).

It was a beautiful day and the 14 block route was jammed with spectators. After the Parade, we were joined by Peter & Lilly (new members) for a lovely scenic drive through some of our beautiful farm country. We stopped for a red and white wine tasting, plus an awesome port-style blackberry dessert wine at Beaufort Winery.  The winery, established 2006 was purchased by Suzi Amis Cameron and James Cameron, of Titanic fame in 2014. Then, it was off to lunch at Crown Isle Resort and Golf Community. Some German collectable glasses were awarded to the 3 members who had the most correct answers to the quiz, and a Red & White (Canada’s national colours) rose bush was given to one lucky lady.

Thank you to all who attended.


Porsche Canada Day Parade Beaufort Winery 2

Porsche Canada Day Parade Beaufort Winery 3

Porsche Canada Day Parade Beaufort Winery


Porsche Canada Day Parade picture #2

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