My day at the Düncanburgring

I’m on a fast lap and have a couple more left in the session. There’s nobody ahead of me. I’m coming in hot to the final corner (the off-camber, down-hill, right-hand, 911-killer). I’m going to use the whole inside curb to straighten my line. As I approach the inside cone with my front right, I notice the photographer trained on my apex clip. I imagine the glossy print on my study wall; head on, the inside front tire ever-so-slightly lifted off the curbing. I give it the berries! Perfect apex. But I’m on it a half a car-length too early and she starts heading wide out of the corner and is drifting closer to the wall and I know I can’t let up at all or the rear will break loose and I can’t bear down or she’s going to drift out faster and I can’t steer any more right because I’m afraid I’ll lose the only front-end grip I’ve got and she’ll slip away. So here I am at maybe 80k just out of a corner, with all four wheels pointed down the straight in front of the clubhouse and the car crabbing left toward the wall at like 20 degrees off-centre and leaving a long greasy black line on the left and there’s nothing I can do but sit there and wait. Strange places we find ourselves.


Sheldon Seigel

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