November 12 Porsches Helping Pets

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We had 24 members/affiliates, plus a very excitable new Boxster owner, Scott, who arrived just as we were leaving for our drive to 40 Knots Winery.  He wants to join the club, and he is quite the character.  He bought his Boxster at the car lot on the north side of Duncan.  A couple who drive a Corvette, saw my article in the C.V. Record, purchased two bags of towels from our local thrift store and brought them to the event.  They are friends of Harvey McDougall.  Oh Yes, I had some dog treats for our “Poster Boy“ Eddie, Harvey’s Golden Doddle.


Brenda, 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery owner, did an amazing job of presenting their wines, including Port and Sparkling, everyone enjoyed, and most took something home with them.  We then proceeded to lunch at Crown Isle Resort, and had the whole dining room to ourselves, with prompt service and nice food.  I had Porsche posters, 7 draw prizes, including 4 bags from the Porsche Classic event at Porsche Centre Victoria, with the coveted 911 paper clips, and three decorator boxes sourced from our home, 2 contained wine, 1 a bottle of German Beer.  Cindy Mui, GAIN Group kindly donated one nights accommodation, including breakfast at “Villa Eyrie”, which we auctioned off as a donation to the Comox Valley S.P.C.A.  The winner of the action was Ronell Bosman, Nanaimo.  Cash donations received, “Villa Eyrie” Gift Certificate auction and one cat game I contributed, our total was $218.00.  Plus 6 BIG bags of towels.

All and all, a good day, everything went as planned, no speeding tickets, and I got a round of applause at lunch.  I think this should be annual event up here, but in the summer.  But it did not end there, “PORSCHES HELPING PETS” then went on the road, to our A.G.M. & Year End Luncheon, Sun. Nov. 20 at the amazing “Villa Eyrie” at the summit of the Malahat.  We had gathered some items for a “Silent Auction”, a Martini Racing Team Jacket from 2011 Rennsport Reunion donated by John Clark, Comox, Reversible Porsche Toque/Scarf and Porsche Cayenne Turbo Metal paperweight, donated by Paul Rossmo, Porsche Centre Victoria, Maple Burl Jewellery Box, donated by Wendy Woodley, two Pull back GT3RS Toy Porsches and framed Porsche poster signed by artist Steve Andersen, donated by Steve Fairbrother and the Porsche Oil Filter red can of 911 paperclips, plus a cream Porsche Classic Lanyard, donated by Steve Fairbrother.

With the auction of these items, plus the money from the C.V. Cars & Coffee we are donating $739.00 to the Comox Valley S.P.C.A. plus the 6 bags of towels.  WELL done members of VIR!!  We plan to present our cheque to the Comox Valley S.P.C.A. at the C.V. Cars & Coffee on Sat. Dec. 10.

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