Salt Spring Island Tour 2014

By Martin Mansfield

The Vancouver Island Region members descended upon Russel Farms Market early in the morning.  Once members from both the north and south of the island had met, they departed for the Crofton ferry terminal.  The woman selling ferry tickets looked in shock asking “ Where did you guys all come from?” Fifteen Porsche’s stood on display waiting for the ferry to Salt Spring Island.  Once the ferry arrived the Porsche’s were herded onto the ferry.  The herd was split upon arrival, one group traveled straight for Calvin’s Bistro. The other group took a more “scenic” route.

Lunch was fantastic, and after uniting with a few more members that had taken the ferry from Victoria it was time to check out the local market.  Unbeknownst  to us, the town also had a Pride parade organized for the day, which explained all the rainbow flags the group saw as the headed into town.  After everyone had returned from the local market and packed their locally crafted goods into their fronks(front trunks), they made their way to Mistaken Identity Vineyard where the members enjoyed a personal wine tasting with the winemaker.  Members departed Salt Spring looking forward to next year!




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