VIRPCA Directors and Chairs

2019 Board of Directors

President – Tim Evans

I have beentim-082361-1 a member of the Porsche Club since 2014, when I purchased my first Porsche, a 1986 Carrera. Then it was a guards red 1986 944 Turbo, and now a 2006 Cayman S.

I was born and raised in Victoria and after attending Camosun College I worked in the banking industry in Vancouver for 11 years before returning to Victoria to take up a job in finance at BC Ferries. After a 28-year career there, I retired at the end of 2013. I have owned a few sports cars in my time, but after retirement I decided it was time to get a Porsche. Knowing a few Porsche owners who were part of the Porsche club, it sounded like a great group, and with a Porsche in the garage, we (my wife, Marilyn, is an associate member) paid our membership and joined PCA.

Since joining, we have enjoyed many driving events and get-togethers, and have met a lot of great people, that is what makes the Porsche Club such a great group, friendly people and good times!

Now, after three years as the treasurer I am excited about taking on the role of president and working with the other members of the executive to ensure our club continues to offer a great experience for our members.

Vice President – Garth Webber Atkins

I have long admired Porsche 944’s.  I thought the styling very elegant, and a hatchback is so practical.  Plus, well…. it’s a Porsche!  I didn’t really think I’d ever own one, but time works wonders on used car prices, so in 2013,  after looking for several years,  I found the vehicular equivalent of a scruffy dog at the pound, begging me to take it home (1986 944 Turbo, Kalahari Beige) .  We have been having fun together ever since, participating in club drives and socials, and getting to know other Porsche owners and cars (It’s so cute when they play together).

I live in Victoria, and am recently semi-retired from my career as a natural resource manager. My husband is also a fan of classic cars, and spirited driving, and we enjoy sharing this hobby. He is happy to attend VIRPCA events with me, when they don’t conflict with his own club’s activities.

I look forward to meeting more VIRPCA members, and to hearing from folks who are interested in joining the club.

Secretary – Ross Mosher

In late 2019 I retired from NAVCANADA. Then Sandy (my wife) and I bought our first Porsche (Macan S) packed it up, loaded in our Golden Retriever and drove out to Vancouver Island to our new home in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

My first encounter with the VIRPCA was at an Eagle Creek Cars and Coffee. I remember driving up to the gathering, seeing all the Porsches lined up and meeting the members who welcomed us like long lost friends. Prove positive of the expression “its not the cars its the people”. After attending a few Cars and Coffees, I got a hankering for another sports car and soon found a beautiful low mileage 2013 white Boxster S.

As the new VIRPCA Secretary, I look forward to working with the Executive Board and members to make 2020 a fun filled year.

Treasurer – Trevor Ross

My wife Sonia and I transferred from the Wildrose Region to the to the Vancouver Island Region of the PCA in 2018. We purchased our Guards Red 2008 997 C4S from Victoria Porsche but it lived in Calgary where it was my daily driver; snow tyres and seat warmers were a must. We retired several years ago and moved full-time to the Island in 2019. We’re from here originally and have lived here part-time for 15 years. We love living in BC again.

I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 30+ years in various roles in finance and operations. I am past President of a professional association and am excited to volunteer with the VIRPCA as Treasurer. I had only been to a few events before volunteering but enjoyed the people that I met and especially enjoyed seeing the vintage cars come out of their garages. Hope to see lots more.

Up Island Director – Wendy Woodley

Bio coming shortly

Mid-Island Director – Dan Bourlet

I have been a PCA member since 2008 when I bought my first Porsche.

As a young boy growing up I only dreamed about the coveted Porsche 930 Turbo in Guards Red as in the poster hanging over my bed.

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, after High School, I bought my first car, a VW Beetle.  I worked for a year before graduating from Electrical Technology, after graduation I moved to Calgary to start a career in Computer based Control Systems. After a 36 year career I retired and my wife Tracy and moved to Vancouver Island. We are enjoying our retirement, meeting so many interesting people from all walks of life. PCA has given me the opportunity  to meet many very friendly people with our common interest.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to drive a Cassis Red 930 Turbo, and after a few drives I regrettably decided not to purchase. Then moved onto buying a  new 2008 RS-60 Spyder Boxster S, limited edition. After that in 2009 I bought a 1986 Carrera 3.2 Guards Red whale tail and sunroof, a beautiful air-cooled car. I sold the 3.2 in 2012 and replaced it with a 2004 911 Turbo cabriolet.  As an enthusiast, I have great respect and appreciation for how each car is so different and handles in its own unique way.

Vancouver Island Region PCA is unique, with a very large  geographic area and with very interesting loyal members. We  have common interests in the ability of each Porsche, with the members enjoying a variety of activities, drives and events.  We live in such a beautiful area and are so fortunate to be able to enjoy a longer driving season than other chapters. I am proud to be a VIR member.


South Island DirectorImogen Burr

In 2013 I bought my 2010 Porsche Cayman and joined the Vancouver Island Porsche Club. I enjoyed the driving activities and people immensely!
Previously, I was on the Board in 2015-2016 as Membership Director. For several years I have taken great pleasure in hosting the annual Spring Fling Drive and I look forward to it in 2020.

I am eager to meet and share new driving experiences with our current and new members in 2020!

Past President – John McGurran

Since 1980, with a freshly minted graduate degree in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics from McMaster, my day job has involved some aspect of health care research and policy development. My firm, Cordova Bay Research, consulted in public and private health care settings in Ontario and the four western provinces, most recently British Columbia and that is when this story begins.

On a sunny Sunday morning in the late summer of 2015 I came upon a convivial crowd of Porsche owners enjoying coffee and car talk at Francelli’s in the Royal Oak Plaza. What a great group of people! I then sold my Corvette, bought a Porsche, and joined the club.

Then-president Brad Blaney talked me into joining the VIRPCA Board and taking on the Secretary position (which no one else wanted). Truth be told, it did not take much convincing. That gave me an opportunity to meet members understand how the club functions (with its north, mid and south island hubs). That Board began making improvement in club infrastructure like revising the bylaws and surveying members regarding their interest and needs.

I had even more fun the following year when I took over as Membership Director welcoming new members to the fold and working with the Board on membership retention…the secret to which is offering members the events and services they value.

In 2018 and 2019 I was honoured to serve as the club President and continue the improvement agenda: for example, the Strategic planning exercise headed up by Garth Webber Atkins.

Today, as Past President, I am an informal advisor to President Tim and the current (excellent) Board. My job description includes “other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.” So far that has not been too onerous!

Over the past five years our membership has grown in size but more importantly, we have attracted a full slate of dedicated, hard-working Directors and Chairs…the men and women who volunteer (their non-driving time) to govern and manage club operations. I am immensely proud of what VIR has become.

Yea, but what do you drive? For several I owned a high mileage 996 C4 as a four-season daily driver – the most fun you can have in the snow – and now enjoy a low mileage well sorted 2000 Boxster S in Speed Yellow. It just keeps getting better.

2019 Chairs

Newsletter Chair – Steve Fairbrother

After 38 years working in the IT industry in UK and Canada, I am retired and live with my wife in Saanichton. I have been volunteering for a number of years in roles of Treasurer, Editor, Webmaster and Secretary in organizations such as:- Victoria Macintosh & iOS Users Group, Victoria Horticultural Society and our children’s school PAC.

I have always loved cars and enjoy most motor sports and held a British Racing license in my early twenties! We bought our first Porsche in 2008, a Cayenne S, since then we have purchased two new Macan S models from Porsche Centre Victoria.

I look forward to being your Newsletter Director for another year and looking after our website, so please keep me up to date with your own Porsche related information so we can spread the word about these great cars, both old and new!

Membership – Dan Scheutze

My first “Porsche” memory was at the age of 12, going for a ride in a 1979 930. Under acceleration it felt like I was taking off in a jet. Many years later I was able to buy my first Porsche it was a 1970 911E. I have since sold the 1970 and own a few cars but currently drive a 1968 912, I really enjoy the classics and the driving experience they offer.

I am in the construction industry and have been for the last 20+ years but cars are really my passion. My wife, kids and I live on the Saanich Peninsula and couldn’t imagine a better place to live in Western Canada. I look forward to being able help out as the new VIRPCA Membership Chair.

Classics Chair – Paul Rossmo

I was born and grew up in Vancouver. In 1972 after working all summer to save for a car for college, I came across a 1964 356C coupe which was only 5 times my budget. 

Passion is a huge motivator for me and after visiting only 12 banks I was driving my Porsche to school.
This set me on a career path different than the one I had envisioned. Sportscars and racing were my interests and Porsche was my weapon of choice. I’ve enjoyed a lifetime working with Porsche cars.

I joined the Porsche Club in 1981. Over the years I have been privileged to spend time with so many talented and interesting people who make up the PCA.
In 2008 I moved to Victoria and found there was a huge level of Porsche interest and a very active club.

As the Classics Chair I hope to celebrate the history of Porsche and encourage events that bring like minded owners together.
With both an experienced Executive Board and an enthusiastic membership, I’m looking forward to 2020.

Rally Chair – Klaus Kreye

I must have been around 7 or 8 years old when my parents took me to a movie. The details are lost, it must have been some type of boy meets girl movie…. with the boy driving an orange 911 – that detail is clear! By the end of the movie my mind was made up – one day I had to have one of these cars. As a teenager/early adult the luxury of owning a 911 was a dream – South Africa had a 100% luxury import tax on such vehicles!

As I got older I learnt about the boxer motor and the fact that BMW motorcycles also have air cooled boxers…. So I started collecting those (and still have a “few” of them). My first Porsche was a run-down 924 Turbo that came home on a trailer. After 2 years it was running again, but was soon sold and replaced with an SC. Unfortunately that was sold along with just about everything else with the move to Canada. This year marks my 20th year in Canada and for the last 15 years I have been collecting all sorts of air cooled boxer vehicles ( 2 wheeled and 4) and a few “others” too.

My competitive spirit – previously satisfied with classic motorcycle racing – is now focussed on various forms of classic and timed rallying. I look forward to hosting club rallies and supporting members to join other rallies in the Pacific NorthWest.

Competition Chair – Vacant


Insurance Chair – James Renfrew


Webmaster – Dave Nickel

I started off my career in the 70’s at BCIT becoming an Electronics Technologist. Worked my way through several companies in Vancouver and became a Programmer Analyst. My wife and I decided to have/raise our children in a smaller town so we quit our jobs and moved to Campbell River in 1989. We bought a jewellery store and ran that for 12 years where I became a Goldsmith. I currently work for Telus as a Network Tech bringing the joys IP to everyone. Cars were late in life, I bought the last new TR7 in Vancouver and sold it 10 months later due to rust, grinding gears and Luca Prince of Darkness. In 2007 I bought a friend’s 944 and got the bug with my son Derek’s help; he forced me to join this little club I had never heard of 😉

Soon followed by the 944S2, the 968 that we tastefully modded and supercharged! I now have a 911 cab that I wish I had bought when they were ½ price….