Strategic Plan

Vancouver Island Region Strategic Plan 2019-2021

On August 13, 2019, the Board approved a strategic plan for the Vancouver Island Region.  The plan outlines the club’s mission and vision, and strategies and actions to achieve them.  It was the result of a strategic planning exercise undertaken by a number of Board member over two weekends in the spring of 2019, and was circulated to members for comment. 

A summary of the comments received on the draft plan is available to members by contacting Garth Webber Atkins at

Why plan?

Any organization, and particularly non-profits, operate with limited resources.   A strategic plan helps organizations identify what is most important for them to allocate resources to, whether in the form of time or money.   A strategic plan helps the VIR Board to best serve club members.

In a planning guide provided by the World Bank for the use of its  partners, communities and clients, the importance of planning is explained this way: 

  “There is broad agreement among nonprofit leaders and experts that planning is a critical component of good management and governance. Planning helps assure that an organization remains relevant and responsive to the needs of its community, and contributes to organizational stability and growth. It provides a basis for monitoring progress, and for assessing results and impact. It facilitates new program development. It enables an organization to look into the future in an orderly and systematic way. From a governance perspective, it enables the Board to set policies and goals to guide the organization, and provides a clear focus to the Executive Director and staff for program implementation and agency management”

From:  Strategic Planning:  A Ten-step Guide,  prepared by Nancy McKay, and made available by the World Bank as a resource for its clients and communities.