Vancouver Island Region Porsche Club Of America

About VIR

Club Overview

Who We Are

We are the Vancouver Island Region Porsche Club of America, where we celebrate the Porsche, and Porsche owners.   Welcome! 

We are a very active Porsche Club on Vancouver Island with over 600 members from Victoria and the Gulf Islands to the northern part of Vancouver Island. Our club’s mission is “To provide our members with opportunities to enhance their Porsche experience” and to that end, we offer something for everyone.

We enjoy driving tours and rallies, we offer technical support to each other, lots of opportunities to socialize, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The club sponsors an annual weekend getaway, and a few high-performance events. We also share our stories through our club newsletter and Facebook site.  In short, we celebrate life with a Porsche!!!

We invite you to explore further what our club has to offer. Start by checking out our Upcoming Events, or have a look at the Gallery page in our Scrapbook. For a sense of what goes on in the broader Porsche Club of America community, check out the PCA and Zone 6 web sites.

Where We Are

This is the distribution of our members on Vancouver Island

How to Join

Join the Porsche Club of America by signing up online, or using the mail-in option, both of which are described on PCA’s Join page 

If you live on Vancouver Island, you will be placed in Vancouver Island Region based on your postal code. If you do not live in the region,  but want to join our region, you can either contact PCA National Office, or complete your registration, and then request a region change through the National Office once you become a member. 

You will need to provide your VIN number, and make or enclose payment.

Ready to join?  

Sign up online!

Test Drive Program
If you do not have a Porsche yet, you can sign up for  PCA’s  Test Drive program, which gives you a limited membership for six months, including six issues of Porsche Panorama. 

PCA Juniors
PCA Juniors is a program for children under age 18.  Registered children will receive an age-appropriate gift and a PCA Juniors ID badge. Visit the PCA Juniors page for more information and to register.

Member Benefits

The Porsche Club of America offers a number of benefits to its members:
  • Subscription to Panorama magazine, mailed to you.
  • Full access to
  • Access to and use of The Mart, PCA's online members-only marketplace
  • Tech Q&A
  • National events, such as Porsche Parade, and Treffen
  • Regional and local events
  • 10% off orders at Pelican Parts
  • Discounts at local retailers
  • Special insurance offerings
  • Group tours of Germany and the Porsche factory
For other benefits, more details, and links, visit PCA's Membership Benefits page.



Board and Chair Positions

The Board of Directors is elected by the members of the club. VIR elects seven positions:  President, Vice President,  Secretary, Treasurer, South Island Director, Mid-Island Director, and Up-Island Director. 

Board positions are elected yearly at the Annual  General Meeting.  Any member can stand for election for a Board position by contacting the Board member looking after elections that year, or by being nominated at an Annual General Meeting. Descriptions of the role of these positions can be found in the VIR Bylaws. 

Chairs are non-elected positions that are appointed by the Board. These positions look after a particular type of activity or function. Current Chair positions are : Newsletter, Membership, Classics, Rally, Insurance, Competition, Social Media,  and Webmaster.

Chair positions are critical to the club’s ability to fulfill the mission of the club, and offer great experiences for members. Chair positions can be created, or left unfilled to suit the needs of the club, and respond to new opportunities, or member interest.

Event Leader

Each club event is organized and led by a club member. Often, it is a member in a Board or Chair position, but any club member can be an event leader, whether a primary member or a family or affiliate member. All that is necessary is to have an idea, talk to the Board to schedule it, and learn what is involved in putting on a club event. Experienced event leaders will be happy to help new leaders learn the ropes, and support them on their first drive, or other event. Events are the club’s main function, and the more event leaders we have, the more events we can put on. Contact any board member or Chair to express interest.

General Assistance

There are often events or projects that need a few extra hands, or a particular skill to carry out successfully. Requests for assistance from the membership are made via President’s e-mails and the Porscher. This is a low-commitment way to help out, get a sense of how the club operates, and potentially get to know a few more people. 

Current Opportunities

Competition Chair

This position is currently vacant. The competition chair organizes any high-performance driving events or driver training events the club wishes to hold.   High-performance events include track days and autocross. Interested members should contact the club President, or can pass their name along through any of the Executive members.