Vancouver Island Region Porsche Club Of America

VIRPCA History

Region History

Vancouver Island became a separate region of the Porsche Club of America on February 10, 1996. Prior to that it had been part of the Canada West Region which was mainly on mainland British Columbia. In those early days, Canada West Region used the term “Island Porsche" to refer to the group of CWR members located on Vancouver Island. The initiative to become a separate region was started by the Vancouver Island members with the support of Dick Grant, the Zone 6 representative at the time. Dick pointed out that "Island Porsche" was in fact acting like its own region and was doing everything a region would do on its own even though there were only 30 – 40 members at that time.

Dick encouraged the Island's founding members, led by Blair Cooper, to apply to become a PCA Region, with the caution that it might take the PCA National Executive a couple of Parades before they would warm up to granting the would-be region a charter. 

It turned out not to take that long at all, and after parade in Portland in 1995 it was announced that Vancouver Island would be awarded a charter to become a separate region of PCA. The rest, as they say, is history. As of 2022 the club has grown substantially to 374 Primary members and 238 affiliate or family members.

Past Boards

Vancouver Island Region has been led by 13 Presidents since it was formed in 1996. The names of members who served in all positions since that time can be found in Document Image VIR Executive History